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    My first try

    Before you read this, I would like to explain that this isnt a request for someone to write a program for me. Its for someone to advise me which language to write it in.

    I was asked to design a new program for the scene that I currently a part of.

    Its Fantasy Football (or Soccer to those americans )

    The program would be basically a statistic analizer (I think thats how you spell it lol)

    It would firstly ask me to input the squad lists that the managers email in to the commissioner. Then using the different player stats it would use various formulas to predict the final score.

    Then the program would automatically update the squad stats and league tables depending on the results.

    Also (if its at all possible) it could then automatically email the managers worldwide the newly updated details.

    I would be looking to make this program freeware (or shareware, if it ends up costing me much more already after the programming books I bought.)

    Which programming language would benifet this program best? I know basic, html, a bit of Java and have a small knowledge of c++ (also my friend has a vast knowledge of a number of languages)

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    Well, it would certainly be easy to do in Visual Basic - at least the first part. I'm not sure about the emailing, but it would still be easier than C++. But there are *SO* many reasons to hate Visual Basic... that I'd suggest C++ if you think you have the guts to stick with it. If you're trying to have a nice Windows interface though... you might be in over your head with C++.

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