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    Open Source Game Dev

    Welcome to this posting. I am writing it because i am interested in developing a game in directX (2d for now). I am looking for anyone that has skills in game development. Below is a list of what i am looking for and currently what i have. So if your interested please email me at Also this is a open source game that will be release when done. If we successfully pull together this project we will probably make a few more games possible in 3d.

    Game Notes:
    1> The game is going to a RPG (2D)
    2> The story line isn't yet created but the concept is writen (I will post later)
    3> Everyone's view will be taken into account before any final decisions will be made

    People Needed:
    1> Computer Artists (Total of 1 alreadY)
    2> Music Composers/Designers
    3> Programmers (Total of 1 already)
    4> System Designer (Layout of game, flow charts, story line design, battle system design, etc)

    Again please only apply if your seriously interested. I don't want to be chasing anyone around trying to find out what your doing.

    Some Guide Lines:
    1> If you are given a project i expect you to check in to at least let us know how things are going. (There will be a web based for i will be turning on).
    2> If you can't do something don't let it get to you just let me know and i will reassign it.

    Hope to hear from a few of you soon.

    ALso you can post a message here i will check it often.

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    Im interested in joining the game dev project.
    Mainly the programming part since Im a terrible artist
    Currently Im working on a game for myself, you can take
    a look at it here to see my skills:
    The game uses directx7 and some winapi

    What graphics library are you planning to use?

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