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    Question A Few Simple Questions

    1.) If I wanted to create a background for a side-scrolling game, all I'd have to do is draw it up in paint, load it up as a texture for a 2D Quad, and just have it move when the character moves? Is this true, or do you have to use tiling methods and etc.?

    2.) Whenever I resize the program's window, all my textures get scaled up or down and look dumb. Is there any way to prevent the window from being resized, or to keep the textures the same size, regardless of the window size?

    3.) Can someone give me a little bit of general info on how animation can be done using OpenGL? I really have no clue how you'd do it.

    4.) When you're doing collision detection, is it most common to set up variables in glTranslatef() and glVertex3f()? Do you draw another invisible box over the original box? Or do you just declare variables to be at a certain position?

    (ex. GLfloat = 1.0f

    I really have no idea what I'm doing here.

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    Geeze man, don't you ever read tutorials, or use Google? Do you really have to ask on here every time? I mean... I saw that you asked what "HWND" means. $20 says you didn't look for the answer before you asked. Just in case I'd lose that $20, another $100 says that if you seriously looked and didn't find it, you're stupid

    2) Yes
    3) Dude. Just like animation is done with any API. Have you Googled?
    4) Haven't you asked questions a lot like that before? Have you tried reading any tutorials? Have you tried figuring it out on your own? Have you even thought about what you're trying to do?

    >>I really have no idea what I'm doing here.<<
    I know. It's obvious RTFM. STFW. Honestly.


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    Originally posted by confuted
    I see.

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    1) Yes
    2) Mipmap
    3) Depends on what sort you mean primitive or bitmap

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    Originally posted by Krak
    I see.
    No, no you dont.

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