Thread: 3D animation (difficult?)

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    3D animation (difficult?)

    This isn't a game question, but it is directx related, so think this is the best place to ask.

    I'm just wondering, how difficult would it be to display an animation that was made by 3D studio Max.

    When you make an animation in 3DSMAX, I believe you can save it as a .x file. How difficult would it be to display this animation in a window (not fullscreen) by using DirectX, and if possible, just put some text in front of it.

    What I'm trying to make is something like the about box from winamp. But at first not as fancy. Just the menu on top and the animation below. No reaction to the music as winamp does and stuff like that.

    I don't know anithing about 3D programming in directx. I know some DirectDraw and DirectShow.
    But I don't need it finished tomorrow, I have time.



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    I think importing .x files into DirectX is pretty easy, since it's an MS format and all... you could probably find a class which is premade to do everything you need with the model.

    The difference between fullscreen and a window in DirectX is completely trivial. One line of code, I think.

    Text isn't too difficult - check out the two king's tutorials. Sticky on this forum.

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    Thx confuted,

    you gave me some hope that one day I'll finish my winamp
    Now for the easy part, to make an animation in 3DSMAX


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    Use DX9 it has good animation support with X-Files compared to DX8.
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