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    Question colors?

    I used Borland c++ Ver 3.0.
    I want more than 16 colors and i have a sis video card .
    But it seems to get me only 16 colors .
    how could i set the res to get more than 16 colrs autodetect does not work .in the help i read that it is supported 256 colors also.
    so please tell me the funda
    Note: Don't suggest the win programming.
    borland c++ ver 3.0 is compulsory for us.

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    Note: Don't suggest the win programming.
    That cuts down about 80% of your options.

    DOS programming is old, difficult, impractical, and for most purposes dead.

    You could try SDL or OpenGL... those are platform independent so you don't have to learn Windows, although OpenGL isn't very easy to learn for the beginner. And I don't imagine it'll make your life any easier to not learn Windows.
    Just Google It. √

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