Thread: Sams Game programming book ??

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    Thumbs down Sams Game programming book ??

    OK, so I bought this book from SAM:

    Teach yourself game programming in 24 hours.

    So, does anyone have this book.

    Ok I have some solid knowlegde of C/C++ now. However not of Win32 API that much. And that book just throws all that windows header at you. This code is hard to follow! does anyone else have this feeling ?? or am I the only Dumb one on this forum ?

    Anyone knows what a good alternative, or a good internet tutorial, because I just want to learn the basic facts, how to work with simple 2d graphics, how to set screensettings, how to implement music, and such beginner things for games.

    Oh yeah, and in which environment is it best to learn it? win32 api, console, MFC, or maybe c# ... what is it ?? uhaaaa.. sooooo confused I am .



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    You don't 'have' to know WinAPI to program games (e.g. allegro does that for ya).

    You might like to check out Andre Lamothe's Windows Game Programming For Dummies, or Tricks.

    Some quickie links (might help you to understand code in your book):

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    I'd stick with Win32 API. Technically, you don't need too much for game programming. Just the start up code, the main loop and the windows procedure. If you are not keen on working with the Win32 API you only need to write this once and cut and paste it into your programs every time you start a new one.

    Win32 is a little obscure at first, and I am by no means an expert at it, but after a while of playing with it and manipulating the code, you get to understand it. The most difficult part to grasp I think is the fact that Win32 is event based, and the line of execution is not the same as with a procedural program. So in essence your windows procedure and event processing loop are the most important part of the app.

    C# would be an interesting environment to learn I think - I have been toying with the idea of doing this. I have seen some very good games written in it - and it is an attractive prospect to be able to write Windows GUI tools to help develop the game very quickly. But I have to find an extra 100 hours a week I think to do everything I want to do!!!

    Another think you could look at is GLUT. It is an OpenGL library that is cross platform and is designed to speed up the learning process of graphics programming. The nice thing is that it takes care of the GUI code for you, regardless of whether your coding on Win32 or Linux. Its the same code. It is also very easy compared with Win32 / DirectX. But be aware, it is only graphics, so no sound and while it handles basic keyboard input, nothing as sophisticated as Direct Input. Ideal for learning though!
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    I bet the finish'ed game of Sams teach yourself game programming is all about cats . lol... hehe

    Those that have read sams teach yourself c++ will know what i mean.
    (it should be realized my posts are all in a light hearted manner. And should not be taken offense to.)

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    Lol yeah. That or Pegasus.

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    Talking thanks

    Thanks for your help guys !!!

    What the heck, I have already learned last night a lot more about win32 api, and it makes sense in a way that i am realy rediculously interested in learning more about it, so that it will be easyer to manipulate the windows.

    as well, im on a journey to find 100s of hours somewhere in busy schedules to struggle with wincode... uuuahh

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    You might like to check out Andre Lamothe's Windows Game Programming For Dummies
    Bad book. Typos, bad code, code that doesn't work, redundant code, inefficient code(?), etc. I know from experience
    Just Google It. √

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