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    basic collision detection

    this is one thing i've never been able to code correctly. maybe im doing it too hard. can anyone wite up a little code to show
    mayebe 2 circles or squares or somethig
    even lines
    or even a good basic tutorial

    i need a good, basic concept here


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    In 2D, or 3D? 2D is easy...3D is what we like to call "a $$$$$."

    For 2D with circles, keep track of the center and radius of each circle (easy). Use the distance formula (3d version, with a bit of other info) to find the distance between the two centers of the circles. If this distance is <= (radius1 + radius2), collision.

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    Yes, you need to understand vectors. works easy in 2D or 3D. This is how "real" games do it. Simply use a plane intercept equation to find where one "plane" meets another.
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