Thread: 2D graphics and window-maker

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    2D graphics and window-maker

    What is the easiest thing to use to make 2D graphics? I want to be able to include bitmap images. Also, I want to be able to make a window come up, instead of it running in the dos console. The kind of thing that opengl does, but i dont want to use open gl. I want the EASIEST solution. Thanks. Sorry for my excessive posts.

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    I think Java is pretty easy. Very few lines of code to display an image or make a window at that.
    Maybe VB or Delphi.
    Easiest is rarely the best though.

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    VB JAVA and Delphi suck
    I am going to break a bottle over your head
    make it a Molsen Canadian at that


    see look a beer bottle
    a molsen canadian too
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    Take the plunge and learn OpenGL, start by useing GLUT (an extension to OpenGL to make codeing simple).

    I reccomend this page to get started.

    As the man said, the easiest is rarely the best. But with glut you will be drawing 3d graphics inside an day, and in a week you can be useing it in your own applications.

    If you have any problem ask here, I know GL pretty good.

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    would you quit obcessing over 3d graphics. He said he wanted 2d graphics. You could check out sunlights tutorial (i think its mentioned in the faq) or run a search for for "windows programing tutorials" and "direct draw tutorials".

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    OpenGL can do 2D just as easy as 3D, 2D is easier to program for.

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