Has anyone tried Blender? It's an open source 3D modeler/ Game Maker/ Animator?

It reminds me of Lightwave but is only 6Megs of code...

And... this thing can make games.

There is a plugin to export projects to an active x format

Anyone know if I can use the ActiveX stuff to make 3d events accessible to MSVC?

In my quest to learn C++, I have realized that 3D modeling is an essential part of doing anything nowadays.

I found Anim8tor which could save elements in "C" language but couldnt get it to link properly in MSVC. So now I spend some time learning C++, then when it all seems like an alien language, I switch to 3D modeling. Of course this makes me feel like I am trying to make a Masterpiece Oil Painting with those big fat pieces of sidewalk chalk. LOL! So then I switch back to C++. Thhis way I can flip back and forth from the code to the 3D stuff.

Hopefully, in ten to twenty years, I'll be able to code and draw a game that is woefully outdated...

O.ops! I started rambling... what was I asking? Oh yeah...

Anyone had success using Blender3D ( http://www.blender.org ), or Anim8tor ( http://www.anim8or.com ), with MSVC?