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    Direct Draw 7 and Sprites


    I am quite new to DirectDraw. I intend to make a 2D game, but I cannot figure out how to animate sprites. I have, of course, read sunlight's tutorials on DirectDraw, but I found them to be lacking.

    Can someone please point me to a sprite tutorial that uses DirectDraw7? I have considered the possibility of using OpenGL to create my 2D game, as I like it much better than Direct x on a whole. However, I cannot find any 2D game tutorials that address the questions of sprites and animation ( I of course tried NeHe's great site).

    Can someone please give me a link to a sprite/2D game tutorial in either DirectDraw or OpenGL? Thank you so much for any help you may be able to provided!

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    Animated sprites in DirectDraw? The same as you would do in GDI and (likely) most other graphics things. Load a bitmap which is a strip of frames of animation, and draw only a section at a time, which is the frame that you want. Or maybe you could do buffer-flipping, with a primary and a bunch of attached surfaces or something... never tried that though.
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