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    I suggest you learn some vector math before doing this, It's always helpful
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    just to sum up what everyone said, first find the *speed* that you want to move this frame, then you find the direction you want to move in. The direction you want to move in has a length of one, therefore when you add the direction multiplied by speed you move speed units in the direction of your unit vector

    float speed = 5;

    Vector3 Direction = Vector3(1, 0, 0)
    Direction's length is obviously one, when you multiply Direction by 5 you get
    Vector3(5, 0, 0) therefore you move 5 units along the x axis

    Here's one that's not so obvious
    Vector3 Direction = Vector3(.707, 0, .707)

    Direction has a length of 1
    sqrt(.707^2+.707^2) = 1

    Position = Position + (Direction * speed)

    but the same idea works

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    Originally posted by Azmeos
    Ok, so

    magnitude = sqrt(x^2+y^2+z^2);

    where x, y and z are really x1-x2, y1-y2, and z1-z2 ?
    Not quite... You got it backwards (granted, for finding the magnitude this doesn't matter, but for the direction vector it does).

    It should be 'destination - current_location' (x2 - x1, etc...).


    I'd take PotitKing's advice. If you can't find sufficient resources online, then Dover publishes some good and inexpensive books on the subject.
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