Thread: 2D colision with vector map

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    Originally posted by Hunter2
    How so? I DID include the "if moving up and right" part, you realize...
    whoops, I missed that part. It would still be difficult and messy, though

    Ummm... to solve the problem with the angle to one of the outside walls being greater, you could test to find the shape with the closest midpoint (combining my two methods) and then find the greatest angle on that shape. Or you could represent the outside wall with smaller line segments. Or, if you're moving in small enough steps, it won't be a problem when the point gets right up to the wall, because that angle will be almost 180 degrees.

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    >>Also, XSquared, I don't understand your method... Isn't B always going to be greater than A, since it is A+something?
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    Oh, IC what you mean now...
    Just Google It. √

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    There are two collision detection tutorials here

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