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    OGL Book

    I want to find a book for OpenGL that teaches really slowly, but explains everything in great detail. I've been looking on the internet, but everything is either too much theory, or not enough theory. Where I'm at right now is, I can make 3D objects, make simple transformations, and apply textures. I got enough to make 2D games, but I want to be able to make at least a simple 3D proggie.

    I know this has been asked several times, please don't eat me alive.

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    i just looked on that site i pointed to and realized that it doesnt have any OpenGL books... sorry for the misdirection

    actually, i picked up a book called OpenGL Game Programming, by Kevin Hawkins and Dave Astle (in the game development series by prima ) and it was decent. it teaches from the basics so if you already have a good background with it, it may start off a little low for you, but it goes into some fairly advanced stuff so it would probably be worth your time...

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    I have OpenGL Game Programming and it's pretty good....for a more detailed book - OpenGL Programming Guide (or the Red Book as everyone calls it) by the OpenGL ARB.......that's an excellent book

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    Opengl Programming Guide by the Opengl Architecture Review Board... It explains everything in basics and then gives the really specific/advanced stuff. The good thing is that it teaches the use of glut.h but not to the point where its specific to that. I've read pretty much the entire thing, I haven't yet seen anything bad about it. Though, if you get it I suggest at least above the third addition, that's what I have(I dunno if there's a newer version).

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    I've read some of the blue and red books off the internet, they are pretty good.

    I guess I'll just have to sit and ponder at stuff a LOT longer than ever before.

    I'm sticking with 2D for the games I make, 3D for the tests I make . Unless I can find some kind of miracle book, that idiots like myself can understand .

    I'll check out that book by Kevin Hawkins, and see if it's any good. I wish we had a library around here that has books from past the DOS interrupt days. The newest book we have at our library on programming is "Teach yourself game programming in 21 days" by Andre Lamothe. I think it was printed in 1992 . I need to express my greatest gratitude for my parents for dragging me to this crappy place called Tennessee, where incest reigns king, next to ignorance, and general stupidity. It sucks. I think Indiana was in the top 5 states for education, and Tennessee is probably in the bottom 5. I miss indiana, and my old REAL friends, not these bastard hicks that only act like they're your friends.

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