Thread: md2 models and directx

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    md2 models and directx

    Does anyone know of anywhere with a good tutorial for loading md2 models? There are a lot of tutorials for OpenGL, but I'm using DirectX 9. I typed out several pages worth of code from one tutorial, to find that it doesn't work. Arg. I don't even care if the tutorial doesn't have much code, if it explains the file format well enough.

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    Check over there at

    I think it has file formats for MD2 and MD3


    It's under Tutorials->OpenGL->Page 4

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    For a start, you can copy all the code of a GL tutorial, and use DrawPrimitiveUP for rendering.
    It's easy to do that.

    If you still can't do it, I can send you my old md2 loading and rendering code

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