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    Question arrays\

    could some one give me a quick example on how to use arrays to print out a simple 2d grid

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    I did a tic tac toe program that had the array char board[3][3].
    to print it out, i went like this:

    cout<<board[1][1]<<" "<<board[1][2]<<" "<<board[1][3]<<endl;
    cout<<board[2][1]<<" "<<board[2][2]<<" "<<board[2][3]<<endl;
    cout<<board[3][1]<<" "<<board[3][2]<<" "<<board[3][3]<<endl;

    the first number is the row, the second is the column.

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    move ment

    ok thanx.

    but how do i move a object on it such as the letter 'X' around the board using the arrow keys or could you tell me were i could find a good tutorial on that sorta stuff


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    cout<<board[1][1]<<" "<<board[1][2]<<" "<<board[1][3]<<endl; (<- this part is continued)

    could some one tell me were the parse error is befor the '<'

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