Thread: passing on printf()-style params?

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    passing on printf()-style params?

    I'm using allegro to make a few troubleshooting functions. allegro_message() takes printf()-style parameters, right? So can I build a function that instead of working like this:
    void message(string str) {
    works like this:
    void message( ...printf()-style params...) {
        allegro_message( ...same params, all at once...);
    This would be super slick because then the calls to message() would be much simpler. thx

    I realize that this has been answered in the past, I was just hoping that since there was only one big parameter and I was only passing it along, not messing around, this solution would be simpler.(?)
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    You can also use vfprintf(), saving you a whole one line of code (bypassing vsprintf())
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