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    Question Tile Based game map

    I was once again reading the Tile Maze tutorial on Though I have read it a few times I still dont understand how this line detects the collision with the WALL tiles:
    // Check if we collided with a wall (Used the 2D to 1D index conversion)
    if(g_BoardArray[player1->Index.x + player1->Index.y * BOARD_WIDTH] == WALL)
    the code was slightly changed (just the x and y point names)

    I understand how it gets the top left corner point but I don't understand how that tests for collision with the rest of the user controlled sprite.

    If anyone could explai this to me I would be very greatful, Thanks.
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    I haven't read the tutorial, but I'm gonna assume that the player is always within one square, never spanning two:
    The player is in (2, 0)
    Then the player moves down and to the right:
    The player is in (3, 1)
    The player never is partway between these two squares.
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    Hey thanks, a quick response with diagrams, those are the best kind.
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