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    Learning DirectX 7 question

    I have been learning DirectX 7 now for about a year off and on and am doing pretty good. I pretty much got a 2D rgp engine working, with layers and all that, but lately I have been having a few thoughts that are making finishing the game I had started very hard. I looked at DirectX 8, and I don't understand any of it! My question is, is it a waste to complete this game I am making in DirectX 7, or should I just scrap it and go on to learn DirectX 8 and 9. I find it hard to learn anything anymore as I feel all that I am learning is just in vain. I know it is backwards compatible, but the new versions are just so much different. Any suggestions or pep talk to keep me interested? I really would like to complete at least one game, but the motivation is gone.
    Thanks in advance!
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    I'd suggest finishing it with DirectX 7. Even though DirectDraw isn't used anymore you can still get many fundamental concepts of game development out of the experience. Then when you are done you can port it to DirectX 8 or 9 and learn a new API. My vote is to see it through.

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    Definitely finish it with DX7. Tons of people start game projects. Very few finish them. Here's the question: does your 2D RPG NEED anything that DX8 offers over DX7?

    I went through the same scenario as you and while you have the chance to finish your game and have a playable product to show for it with DX7, you run the risk of getting frustrated and burning out trying to port it to DX8 when you don't need to.

    Not to mention you don't want to get stuck in that perpetual beta stage, where you're constantly upgrading your API before finishing the game and constantly delaying it's release.

    When you're ready to move to D3D I highly recommend "Focus on 2D in Direct3D" by Ernest Pazera. You can find it at for around $20 new. The book is written from the perspective of a 2D DX7 developer moving into DX8 D3D from scratch. He does an excellent job of explaining things, not just in what you doing different but why.

    Good luck! I can't wait to see the final game.

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    I have been thinking about it, and after seeing your responses I have decided to go ahead and finish it. I am very proud of it and think it will be a great game, so why not?! Thanks alot for your input. It seems I have a motivation breakdown every three weeks or so, so this is nothing unusual. I will keep plugging away at it and will post it when it is done. When i'll finish it, who knows. Thanks for the book idea, i'll be sure to grab a copy!

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