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    Question game engines

    what are game engines ?

    what are they used for

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    a 'game engine' is basically the foundation code of a game, which TYPICALLY serves several purposes:

    1) Creates a higher-level graphical interface
    2) Incorporates graphical and system routines (i.e. interfacing, filtering, etc.)
    3) AI services

    It all depends on the developer, the API(s) used, and the game, but they are generally made fairly abstract (i.e. game rules are usually NOT implemented in the engine) so that they may license the game to other companies, and/or use it in a later project.

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    Yea. It's like the 'engine' of a car. It is the core of a game. Engines may take years to make if it's professional like Quake. And they can be sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Someone bought the licence to Q3 Arena's engine for $300,000! But don't expect that you can do it yet. I mean they probably spent close to 5 million dollars developing it!

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