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    Post your games here...

    Purpose of this thread:

    In this thread you can post games that you've made.

    Please adhere to the following rules:

    - All games must be coded using the C or C++ programming languages.

    - Only one post per game will be allowed. If you update your game, edit the existing post, do not create a new one. If you need to post more than one source file, use a compressed archive, eg ZIP format.

    - Source code must be provided as an attachment to your post or hosted externally. This forum is primarily here for learning purposes, no one learns to program from an executable!

    - If you need to attach multiple files to your post, you cannot use zip files, but you may host it externally on a reliable host. Here are some recommendations for online source code repositories:

    *Bitbucket - Mercurial hosting (Mercurial)
    *Github - Secure source code hosting and collaborative development - GitHub (Git)
    *Launchpad - (Bazaar)
    *Google Code - Google Code (Mercurial & SVN)
    * Source Forge = Source Forge (Bazaar, CVS, Git, Mercurial, Subversion)

    - Games should be at the "playable" stage of development. This means they don't have to be complete, with all N levels working etc. Instead, the source should compile into something that the user can run and use.

    - Posts should state the requirements for compiling (or running) the code. That way, people won't have to download something just to find out they can't build it. A suggested minimum is (with examples):
    Operating system: XP SP1
    Compiler: Dev-C++ 4.9.2
    Graphics Library: OpenGL 1.2
    Other Libraries:
    Description: Shoot the thribble
    - This thread is not for discussing the games, only listing them. Discussions should be held in other threads in the Game forum, or via PMs if appropriate.

    - Use caution when executing other peoples programs on your computer, and remember to perform a virus scan where appropriate. will not be held responsible for damage caused by any programs downloaded from this site.

    - Posts or code that go against these rules or the forum's guidelines, runs the risk of being deleted without notification.

    If you have any questions on this matter, feel free to PM me or another moderator. Please do not post questions on this thread.

    Thanks to GanglyLamb for suggesting this thread. Let's see how it goes...
    When all else fails, read the instructions.
    If you're posting code, use code tags: [code] /* insert code here */ [/code]

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    Tic Tac Toe

    I guess I'll get the first post on the new sticky with my Tic Tac Toe game. It's very basic and was made with WinAPI.

    OS: WinXP (should work with any version)
    Compiler: MSVC
    Libraries: WinAPI

    Code and compiled version included in zip.

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    Ok though i will add the games i developed.. This one is a chess game

    For the game to work you have to compulsourly extract the project folder to C:\ drive.. it wont display the images other wise..

    The interface is simple drag and drop.. to toggle between 2 player and single player mode use the number 2 button...

    Operating system: XP SP1
    Compiler: Turbo C++ v3.0
    Graphics Library: BGI
    Other Libraries: Turbo C Libraries
    Description: An AI based Chess game which also has 2 player mode
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    Tic Tac Toe

    Ok, my game is the second Tic Tac Toe game on this board, apparently. I decided to do a little work with AI programming, and this was my choice. You can do a one or two player game, as well. The code is well-commented (in fact, it's probably over-commented at times ) and is probably longer than necessary, but hey, it works.

    Operating system: Windows XP (Home Edition if it matters)
    Compiler: Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Standard Edition
    Graphics Library: None, but I guess you could say ASCII art
    Other Libraries:
    Description: Tic Tac Toe, what is there to describe?
    The game should be fully functional. If there ARE any bugs or whatever, please email me at [email protected] to let me know. Thanks, and enjoy !

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    To download, go here and click download. The current version is 0.6.

    Alright, here's my game. It's based off of pacman, but not really a "clone" of pacman. It took me two days to write, and two weeks to debug...

    Operating system: XP
    Compiler: MSVC++
    Graphics Library: Allegro

    You can make your own levels too. If you want, send me your creations to [email protected] and I'll put them in my next release (use "pacman" as the title please; I get a lot of spam mail). I'm hoping to clean up alot of the code (yes, it's quite messy) and fix some bugs until then. Also email me and tell me what you think. I hope you like

    Here's a screenshot

    EDIT: Updated to v.06:

    - Cleaned up the code a little better and added comments
    - Fixed "stuck in corner" bug
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    Well, there are a few things wrong with your code:

    1) It does not work.
    2) It does not work.
    3) It does not work.

    Hope this helps.

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    Game Title: Asteroids
    Version: 1.0
    Operating System: Win9x, XP
    Compiler: MSVC++ .NET
    Graphics Library: Console
    This game was first made in HC11 assembler for HC11 development board (so that's way there is that frame with keyboard - represents development board). So I decided to write it in C so that is accessible to all of you. The main thing is that you have to avoid asteroids that are coming from right to left. You get more points if you're closer to the right edge of the screen. You start at the left edge of the screen. The game is completed when there is no more asteroids. You lose if you lost all your lifes. Three lifes are available.

    Current projects:
    1) User Interface Development Kit (C++)
    2) HTML SDK (C++)
    3) Classes (C++)
    4) INI Editor (Delphi)

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    This is a maze-ish type game I made. You are a smiley face trying to reach the exit of the maze. There are randomly moving monsters skulking about and if you run into them, you die. I'm thinking of doing AI, but I don't know yet. The game also includes an easy-to-use Maze Creator where you use the mouse to make your own mazes (it's easier than using me on this, I wish I'd made the editor BEFORE I made the sample mazes...). The main menu of the game uses the mouse, too.

    Operating system: XP
    Compiler: MSVC++ 6
    Graphics Library: ASCII art again :D
    Other Libraries: None
    Description: Get through the maze(s)
    You can play random mazes or load up your own. Now the only thing about it (sorry this is getting rather lengthy) is where you install it. The mazes are all stored in a folder called 'Mazes' and both the Maze Creator and the game look in here for the mazes, so I had to put in a file that holds the path of this folder. So, when you copy it over to wherever (for example, C:\Program Files), open "Maze2 > Maze2 > directory.ini" and change the path to "C:\\Program Files\\Maze2\\Mazes\\". You need the doubleslashes, and don't forget the two slashes at the end. You'll have to do the same thing under "Maze2 > Maze Creator > Maze Creator > directory.ini". I know it's a bit of pain , but once its done its done I guess. Anyways, sorry for the long post. I hope you all enjoy it!

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    Console Graphics Library:

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    y goodI made a goofy mistake earlier by posting my silly game a tad predeveloped. *goofy grin*

    Well, here is the finished version! I know eveyone is dying to try it!

    Operating system: Win 98
    Compiler: Dev-C++
    Graphics Library: Mathimatical symbology :)
    Other Libraries: Just the local one...
    Description: A short text adventure!

    Beware (once again ) of Hammy, the terrible hamster!

    Questions, comment, suggestions? Send them to:

    [email protected]
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    Here is an intresting little OpenGL program I wrote for my class. Code is in the zip.

    Look at the lower left for gameplay tips.

    Operating system: XP SP1
    Compiler: MSVC 6.0
    Graphics Library: OpenGL 1.2
    Other Libraries: Winmm
    Description: Dig for the treasure

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    This is a tiny little demo I made which implements a few features of the CGL. It utilizes blitmaps, sound, sprites, and the mouse.
    Operating system: XP
    Compiler: MSVC++ 6
    Graphics Library: Console Graphics Library (CGL)
    Other Libraries: None
    Description: Blow up the tanks
    All you do is wait for a tank to show up on-screen, then quickly try and click it. If you're too slow, you'll miss it. When you click it, you'll hear your tank's gun go off and that'll be followed by an explosion. Try and blow up all 10 tanks and win! Not the most exciting of games, I know...but still...

    Draco dormiens nunquam titallandus.
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    Cool Fall Down 3D

    This is a 3d verison of the old game fall down. I've only worked on it for 2 days now but its playable and its features are:
    Realist pyhics
    Textured ball and obstacles
    Tells time it took to get to the end

    Operating system: WinME
    Compiler: MSVC++ 6
    Graphics Library: OpenGL
    Other Libraries: None
    Description: Fall to the end as fast as you can
    int a; don't make a program without it.

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    Defense game

    Operating system: Windows 98
    Compiler: Microsoft Visual C++ Standard
    Graphics Library: MasterX
    Description: Defend your base from the attacking armies.

    Firstly, you can download the game itself at my website. I have released version 1.5, it can be downloaded at:

    The game (version 1.5) in its entirety, zipped up, is about 6 megs. I noticed I can only "attach" a file that is under 200,000 bytes.

    So, I know I'm not supposed to link to off-site hosts, but this is being hosted on a private site (not one of the free hosters with crazy bandwidth limts).

    You can download source for version 1.1 at (1 meg):

    But, if all fails, you can download the LITE version of 1.10, which includes no graphic or levels files below. You will not be able to play the game, however, with the code below alone.

    ----[Red Haze]---

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    Operating System: Windows 98/XP
    Compiler: Dev-C++
    Graphics Library: Allegro (4.0?)
    Description: Click a moving target
    The allegro dll file (alleg40.dll) is required to play. It was too big to upload, sorry.

    This is my first and only game to date. You have to click on a target that moves across the screen (more like relocates). The closer to the center of the target, the more points. There are four levels. Each level, the mouse cursor moves slower.

    I originally wrote this game on Win98, but just tried it on XP and it works fine. The source files are gone =/ sorry. They might be on a backup cd somewhere, but I'm lazy =/. I'm pretty sure this is the finished one. I think there was supposed to be a timer.
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    Environment: OS X, GCC / G++
    Codes: Java, C#, C/C++
    AOL IM: neandrake, Email: neandrake (at) gmail (dot) com

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    Operating System: Windows XP (should work on all versions)
    Compiler: Watcom 11.0
    Graphics Library: None (console program)
    Description: Be the first to get 4 pieces in a row

    First release. Future version will hopefully be graphical. This is my first step to finally getting the hang of Windows programming after years of DOS.

    The game is two player only, no AI yet. The goal is to connect four of your pieces in a row vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Use the left and right arrow keys to move and either the enter key or down arrow to drop your piece. ESC will end your current game, then press ESC again to exit the program. Pretty simple concept and execution.

    Code commented and fairly easy to follow.


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    Xpchess is a little beta, but will be improved, available at:

    Programmed in C with SDL and SDL_image libraries. It works great in Unix clones, but I haven't been able to make it work in Windows.
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