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    Very nice

    Toni Rudolf Vlaic

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    Simple snake game, finally all bugs fixed...

    Please tell if there are any!

    Operating system: XP SP2
    Compiler: Borland C++ v5.02
    Graphics Library:
    Other Libraries:
    Description: Snake Game
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    Operating system: XP/Linux
    Compiler: mingw32/gcc
    Graphics Library: SDL
    Other Libraries: SDL_mixer SDL_ttf
    Description: A clone of pong
    This is a pong clone I wrote in C++ with SDL.

    Player 1 uses w and s, player 2 uses i and k.

    To build it on Windows with mingw use:
    make WINDOWS=1
    For linux, just run:

    Unfortunately, it is too large to put as an attachment:

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    The Gamma Pr°ject - space FPS / strategy

    Hi everybody!

    I'm back again after some years... ;-) but here's also something I started in between:

    The Gamma Pr°ject
    Actually this is the first public demo, hope you'll like it.
    I'd appreciate your feedback!

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    I haven't been around these boards very long, but would it be okay to link to where I've already posted a bunch of my games? I'll be reposting them on my website (shameless plug) when I begin my regular update schedule.

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    Hi everybody,

    I had written this game long back but it was very primitive.
    I've refined it a bit using curses library.
    Check it out and let me know your feedback and suggestions.

    btw, the game is to sort the numbers in ascending order

    code for makefile
    all: jigsort
    jigsort: main.o jigsort.o clist.o
        gcc main.o jigsort.o clist.o -o jigsort -lncurses
    main.o: main.c
        gcc -c main.c
    jigsort.o: jigsort.c
        gcc -c jigsort.c
    clist.o: clist.c
        gcc -c clist.c
        rm -rf *o jigsort *jig

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    OS: Windows XP SP2
    Compiler: Dev-C++
    No graphics
    Libraries: Normal
    Language: C++
    Type:Text Based

    This is really my first game because I haven't had my computer for the last two months.
    Anyways, this is another guessing game...nothing special, although I did add a score list that keeps track of who beat the game and in how long. Just simple file i/o.

    The download contains the compiled application and the source file.
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    On me hyperplane
    I just sorted out some webspace to host my stuff; after sitesled kept deleting my old account for direct linking files and not sending anyone to my site

    Anyway theres several games for download, a couple of javacript games to play in yer browser, plus some demos and other stuff I have made. Most of the stuff comes with the source too. Anyway, here you go:

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    OS: Windows XP SP3
    Compiler: Dev-C++
    Libraries: WinBGIm
    Language: C++
    Type:simple graphic shooter

    source code attatched

    unable to upload compiled version to this post

    link to download compiled version:
    simple game

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    Operating system: XP SP3
    Compiler: MSVC 2008 Express
    Graphics Library: SDL 1.2
    Other Libraries: SDL_ttf, SDL_image
    Description: Simple Memory Game Where You Can Make Your Own Card set.
    I have included the project files for Code::Blocks, MinGW Developer Studio and Dev C++.
    They should all compile with proper settings.

    Try beating the computer with 8 x 8 card pairs, which is at least impossible for me

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    I just thought I'd mention Atlantis here. Atlantis is a board game that I've been writing in C++ recently. It's a clone of the (physical) board game Escape from Atlantis.

    Atlantis uses the SDL, and so it runs on Windows and Linux. (In fact, I have compiled binaries for both -- see the download link above.) It's not as efficient as it could be, but on an 800MHz processor it runs at 30FPS without using all of the processor (about 80&#37, and I've played it before on a 400MHz one. (Being a board game, if it's a little slow, it's not much of a problem.)

    Right now there isn't an AI, unfortunately. Play yourself or find someone else.

    Anyway, if you like it, tell me what you think in the thread above.

    Seek and ye shall find. quaere et invenies.

    "Simplicity does not precede complexity, but follows it." -- Alan Perlis
    "Testing can only prove the presence of bugs, not their absence." -- Edsger Dijkstra
    "The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing." -- John Powell

    Other boards: DaniWeb, TPS
    Unofficial Wiki FAQ:

    My website:
    Projects: codeform, xuni, atlantis, nort, etc.

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    I am creating a Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition Character Creator / Arena.
    It is underdevelopment, but here is what I have done so far:
    1) You can create a 1 vs 1, 2 vs 1, 1 vs 2 death match game. You make the initial selections by entering numbers on the bottom right textBox.
    2) There are no feats nor classes yet and only level 1.
    3) There are bugs...

    Basic controls:
    1) You can move your character with the "Move" button. Then you use the "arrows" to move. You stop with the "space" bar. You can shift (equivalant 5-foot step) by pressing "S" and then moving.
    2) For all other actions you press the "Actions" button. Typically you choose from the comboBox and press Use to use them. The basic melee/ranged attacks are under the "At Will" button. To switch/equip weapons you go to Actions->Simple->Switch weapons.
    3) In order to target somebody you double click on them. You can also target whatever square you want by pointing with the mouse and pressing enter (which should hit the "Manual" button. If not use the tab to give control to that button).
    4) In order to place a character or to teleport (fey step for Eladrin's) you again use the above method.
    5) Direction buttons and point of origin are q,w,e,a,...,c for Dragonborn's "Dragon Fire" Encounter power.
    6) NOTE: when creating human or dragonborn you have to make some selections. Again you enter things on the bottom right textBox.

    1) As in 4th Edition, maybe some details I missed. Only, you cannot move diagonally, distance is counted vertically/horizontally. You don't "see" the squares.

    End of game problem:
    1) Well, I think you have to kill everybody in order for one character to be the winner, so you might have to eliminate remaining ally.

    1) Dead characters become white/grey. Unconcious ones pink, but that doesn't seem to work. So if somebody doesn't get its turn he is probably unconcious.

    Report Bugs found! Also, as you play, check stats and hp's to see if everything works ok.

    Any suggestions are welcome. I will one day (in the far far feature) finish this game. I ll post the feature worthy versions here. The second version will have classes and will allow level up. Then I will make feats. And at last I ll write more and more class powers (they are endless...). If a bug is reported I ll fix it and post again the working code by EDITING this one, so I don't pollute the topic.

    NOTE: I upload the .exe file (rename and get rid of the .txt). I hope nobody minds. If anybody is interested in helping with the game, I ll also post the project.

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    The first game I ever finished completely, RockPaperScissors with sound! Not very good, but an upgraded version will appear in DarkRPG, eventually.

    An upgraded version of the second game I made, Lemonade Stand also with sound.

    Both are WINDOWS XP only. Compiled in Dev-C++
    Hatman Approves!

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    Here is an updated version of my Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition full game.

    If anybody has a problem of me not posting the code please feel free to ask for it. I 'll just post a .rar file (rename .c file) which contains the folder with the .exe (dd.exe) and the images+sounds.

    I hope it is obvious how to play. Some instructions might be missing..
    If you want a quick start press Load Game and type "quick".

    And I have to mention that the game is underdevelopment. I tried to debug the current version and it doesn't seem to have any serious bug (I hope).

    Enjoy and report bugs

    EDIT: Hmm it exceeds the maximum file. Oh, well go here
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    Operating system: Linux / Win
    Compiler: gcc 
    Graphics Library: OpenGL & SDL
    Other Libraries: 
    Description: Slider puzzles

    I'm new at this and the code will show it. Critics welcome. Currently it is just the basic framework - I'm trying to gauge if it is worth pursuing further.

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