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    Question Linking multiple .c/pp files together

    Simple enough question, right? How do you set it up so you can compile several .c or .cpp files into one program... so say you can have certain types of functions in certain types of files (eg: fight functions in fight.c, movement in movement.c, etc)... I'm looking for the specifics of doing this in MSVC++ 6, though I don't really know how far this procedure differs between compilers. Thanks in advance.

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    I use MSVC 5/97 pro (must be similar to 6)

    Click FILE, NEW. Then the PROJECT tab.
    Create a new WIN32 exe/app.
    This will give you a workspace/project.
    On the PROJECT menu add the files.
    Compile each / build all.

    You will need conditional compilation if you have .h files included in more than one source file

    #ifndef   MY_HEADER_FILE
    #define   MY_HEADER_FILE
    //all the header
    this allows multiple files to use the same header without including it more than once.

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