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    To nvoigt: Mr mod

    You are from Germany eh?
    ****Edited out insults for language by Kermi3***
    I thought I had no skills? Yet I know your own langauge plus 3 others. I also program in C/C++, HTML and i'm only 21 years old. Don't be jealous Thanks for closing the thread, it was getting boring any ways.

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    a) This should be handled in a private message. It's from you to me. This way, you even force me to take notice and proceed according to the rules. If it were private, it would be easier to let it slip.

    b) Pretty good German. Capitalization mistakes in two cases, but that's common with non-native speakers, and all too common even with Germans. Well, assuming you are from the US, I also know your language in addition to my own ( and two others, though not fluently enough to communicate ). I don't know why I should be jealous. I'm older than you, I know more programming languages. It evens out. Let's not compare lengths 'mkay ?


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