Thread: My first game......please try it !!!!

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    Nice work

    The AI is pretty good, too
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    the code?

    could you please post the code, so that we learn from you?

    keep it up man!
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    This is a cool game, i too have had a few of the problems noted before and i am running from windoes xp. One bug that I found, is that is you jump infront of the other snakes path and he hits you he doesn`t die, you do. But otherwise this game rocks compared to the other snake clones where you die when you hit the walls

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    It runs EXTREMELY slow on my computer, and in clicks. None of my input gets proccessed and I can't exit at all, in fact I had to reboot before I could do anything. If you made an installer and put it in the system config and run it at startup then (for my computer) it would be a great virus, though . I have an Itel celeron proccessor III, 256 MB of ram, and run Windows 98.
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    I've had the slowness problems too, with other DDRAW applications. But I read in another thread that it has something to do with Windows XP's default video card drivers though, and supposedly by updating with the latest drivers you can fix it and it will run normally
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    I like it 10/10 it if your first game. A game is better than no game


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