Thread: MSVC++ :: Calling 'cout' w/ ASM

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    Question MSVC++ :: Calling 'cout' w/ ASM

    Hey! Thanks for reading. I hope you can help me out. I know a decent amount of ASM in C/C++, but I can't figure this out. I am using MSVC++ 6.0 and I tried the 'Listing Files'. The listing files (.asm) look really weird.

    I am trying to call 'cout' in a console application with ASM. If you can help then please do. =)


    C++ Environment: MSVC++ 6.0; Dev-C++ 4.0/4.1
    DirectX Version: 9.0b
    DX SDK: DirectX 8.1 SDK

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    You'll need to mov the address of cout into ecx (that's how this pointers are passes, iirc) and call operator<<. But before you can call it, you'll have to figure out how MSVC mangles the name of operator<<.

    Or you could just call printf
    char name[] = "Eibro";
    char format[] = "Hello %s";
    __ asm
            mov eax, offset name
            push eax
            mov eax, offset format
            push eax
            call printf

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