Thread: directx 9.0a SDK

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    directx 9.0a SDK


    I did a search and didn't find anything, so i was wondering if anyone knows a link to download the directx 9.0a SDK?

    I've been trying MS for days and the site is rooted. The SDK is like 200megs, which is too much to be able to download on 56k in one sitting, yet the MS link just keeps timing out once i try to resume.

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    You can also send a mail to microsoft and ask them wether they would be so friendly (lol :~)) to burn you the stuff on cd and to send it to you!

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    That's the same link i've been trying to download it from! well it's not urgent i guess, i'm not ready for graphics etc. yet i just wanted to experiment with some of the basics.

    But if anyone does have an alternate link to anything on MS i'd appreciate it.

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