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    lol I wish it was as easy as hitting convex polygons...with the BSP I'm dealing with I have to see if I am hitting convex volumes represented by planes and there's a special algorithm you have to use to make sure you actually hit the volume and not just the plane (planes go on forever mathematically). I found my own way of doing this too because I am god and I can do anything.

    And what I meant by recursively is the quake 2 (and for that matter almost every engine under the universe) engine breaks up your move into multiple segments if the start and end points of your move are in different leaves and checks each segment for a collision in the appropriate leaf. But I'm trying to not do it recursively because I'm not quite comfortable with recursion and everyone else does it recursively and I am god and I can do anything so I'm doing it differently.

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    if you can do anything, why not do it recursively?

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    because I am god and I can do anything

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