Thread: Question about allegro and other graphics libraries....

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    Question about allegro and other graphics libraries....

    Me and my friend have been talking about making a RPG similar to final fantasy 3 for snes and zelda for snes. I was just curious about what graphics lib to use. I have heard that allegro teaches you bad techniuqes for graphics etc. Also for a huge rpg would allegro be slow? THanks!

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    I learned how to use allegro first, but I recently tried SDL and I've found I like it better and it's just as easy to use (maybe even easier).

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    The general consensus around here seems to be that for 2-d stuff either allegro or sdl is the way to go, I prefer allegro myself (you never forget your first love). Also, from personal experience those SNES rpg's are massively difficult to even come close to, but... I am working on a relatively simple 2-d allegro rpg right now that is shaping up nicely, maybe we should pool our resources?
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