Thread: Confusion with DirectMusic tutorial

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    Confusion with DirectMusic tutorial

    Hey guys, I've been figuring DirectMusic out from a tutorial that came with my DirectX7 SDK docs. I'm confused about this one part:
    Before loading a new segment, clean up any existing one. Then pass a file name to the LoadMIDISegment function.
    Does this mean that I can only load 1 midi segment with the loader at a time, and I have to release the first segment before I can load another one? Like, will I not be able to pre-load 2 segments at the beginning of the program and then switch between them?

    Gee, I seem to be doing this a lot lately... I'll try to stop I guess the answer is I can, and the tutorial was worded badly, unless I'm doing something wrong right now and it just isn't showing up.
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