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    Unhappy DirectSound help

    Hi everyone,

    Just a question, is it possible to use a single sound buffer and have it stop and play again right away before it is finished? I've tried this:
    void gameMain()
    	static DWORD last = GetTickCount();
    	if(GetTickCount() - last >= 100)
    		last = GetTickCount();
    That didn't work, it just started giving me a buzzing noise or something (I can't remember exactly, I've tried about 10 different things and each did something else uniquely wrong ). I know you can achieve the effect somehow, from playing games like Counter-Strike where rapidly-repeating sounds like gunshots just cut off and restart if the sound is played again before it is finished. I've managed to *sort of* do this using 2 sound buffers, but is it possible to do it with only 1?

    Just figured out, it doesn't reset the position when you Stop() it
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