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    Would paint be a good graphic maker or should I download one??? If so please tell me a good place.

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    Try looking on Google for The Gimp.
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    For small first-time games - Yes
    For professional games - No

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    my first couple projects used Paint, but then I found an old copy of Photoshop at a computer show in Huntsville, AL.

    Do a google search on the GIMP. You'll love it. Has a lot of Photoshop functionality, only it's open-source and completely free. It works on Linux and Windows, and some other platforms (I think it works on BSD)

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    Well I could download Photoshop of Kazaa.....
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    that's what I did
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    The computer show I went to was called Kazzaa, get it?

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    I would recommend GIMP rather than PhotoShop. Mostly because it would be illegal to obtain the latter of the two via the avenue you suggest. GIMP is just as good (if not better), and it's free.

    You can get it from:

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