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Thread: Leave comments on my eyeball pic for my game

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    Thumbs up Leave comments on my eyeball pic for my game

    Click on this link ,it is the eyeball in my game, Heavenbound. The first frames are walking, then attacking, then injury, then death. If you think it is too gory also tell me. Although I don't think it's too gory.
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    Your eyeball is okay, sept how the heck are you going to animate it like that in your game? If you have an animated GIF handle, plz, plz, please, pleaze, give it to me.
    Oga booooga Over and out.

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    I have a .bmp for each frame. The game will read the appropiate file, then clear the screen, place all images back on screen except the eyeball, then display the next frame. May be a little slow, but I don't know yet, since nobody has told me how to clear the screen in Mode X yet. They gave suggestions, but they don't work. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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    I did all of it in Windows Paint, and Microsoft GIF Animator. I drew it myself, can't you tell?

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