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    Online Game

    I'd like to know if it would be possible to create a game like Ultima Online, where the user downloads the exe, creates a username and password, and can download data from a database, perhaps stored in an SQL database, and follow a gameplay with other members ?

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    Yeah. It's possible......

    Install a database on the server (e.g.: mysql).........

    Write your game and access the database to get or store data on the net....

    e.g.: you can use Mysql++ (it's a C++ API for MySQL)

    All the things u wanna create or develop are possible. If there are no tools (APIs, progs....) you have to write them.

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    You could also just make the server make a file for each user. This is how a lot of game servers work. I never thought of using SQL for a game though. Both ways would achieve the same effect, the SQL way would probably be better.

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    there are so many mmorpgs(massively multiplayer online rpg) out there like ultima online and a lot of them are written in c/c++. indie developer mmorpg projects have a failure rate of like 99% though.

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    not really, ever heard of

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    Most MMOs take alot of money due to the amount of power you need to handle the numbers. I mean try tracking 1000 different player entities alone on a server, it a statefull fashion, isn't easy, but then you add in NPCs (enimies, friendly, etc) and you have alot of work. Also many of the larger ones are using SQL backends (World of Warcraft uses Oracle specificly), and tend to use some form of clustering in order to distrobute the weight of all the clients and what not. It can (and has been) done though, but the hard part is probably alot less in developing it, and more in actually running it.
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    Post some MMORPG's

    this one is writtin in java . but its a real good one.


    this one is writtin in C++ .


    this one is written in C ( almost sure ) , but the server is most of the time down.

    rpg world

    this one is written in MacroMedia. funny for a week then you get bored.


    so... yes its possible :P and think of world of war craft.. man , those guys got rich.
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    Closed due to the 2 year bump.

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