Thread: 3D SDK for C++ programmers

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    3D SDK for C++ programmers

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    New free 3D Development Studio for Visual C++.

    Create top level games or add 3D content to your application.
    3DSTATE 3D Developer Studio is based on one of the fastest 3D engines delivering top quality graphics.

    Probably the easiest 3D engine to use !

    Whether games, tourism, education, or else - no matter what your project is about, using 3DSTATE 3D Developer Studio you will get top quality results within extremely short time.

    The new SDK is based on 3DSTATE 3D engine version 6.0

    Visit - whats new section.

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    Umm, is there a question, topic, discussion or anything?

    This is just soliciting. Take it off please.
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    don't take it off, hearing about this stuff is important to me and it definitely relates to games, and obviously this was meant to turn into a discussion about the topic.

    I went to the site, I'm at school so I cannot run any demos, but it does look very nice.
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