Thread: How can I get faster 24bit rendering with Allegro

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    How can I get faster 24bit rendering with Allegro

    I am using Allegro, the latest version, to do graphics. The only problem is that I can't display 24 bit graphics with out a massive slow down.

    What would you recommend I do to optimize the speed of 24 bit graphics. I am using MS visual C++ btw, on windows XP and I also do it on Windows98.


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    This is because you are probably converting screen types on the fly.

    The only fixes without modifying the code is to set ur computer and all images it uses to 24 bit.
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    Tried that, didn't do anything. So now I need to know how to modify it by code. What would you suggest?


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    Allegro isn't very fast if you need to draw many things simultaneously. You should try looking up DirectDraw.
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