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    Graphics in C++

    I've made a few games that use characters for graphics.. but I want to do better now. How do I create my own graphics? I'm not talking 3D or anything... just simple 2D ones.

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    I tried but didn't find any answers.

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    Somehow I doubt that you tried very hard.

    Try searching for SDL and Allegro.

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    I was wondering the same thing, but decided to hold off graphics programming until I figure out the Dev-C++ equivilant to "graphics.h".... Dev-C++'s include library doesn't include that header file...

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    i tried the graphics.h file for turbo c++, is only supposed to draw rectangles and triangles and stuff?

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    Graphics.h and the like are seriously obsolete, very compiler dependant, and usually hardware dependant.

    My advice is don't even bother with trying to get something that ancient working. If you're on an x86 platform, start going into Windows programming. Once you learn the basics, it's easy enough to do some modestly complicated drawing reasonably easy (without having to go into DirectX or OpenGL or wrappers to those).

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