Thread: the best way to get started

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    the best way to get started

    i bought a c++ book and have started programming, and know basic functions (kinda). unfortunately the book works with a program that doesn't seem to work. i got frustrated and haven't really tried to use the book since. but now that i look over the book, i see that it doesn't really include anything on game programming, and that's what i wanna do. should i try to learn things other than game programming first or should i just try to find stuff about game programming right away?

    oh yeah, if i should try to start game programming, is there any good site or book about it?

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    well, for me, game programming has been completely self-taught (so far at least, in the past 8 months since i've started ), but there are a LOT of tutorials on many different things. Best thing to do is just look around the internet for any tutorials, or better yet, ask questions on message boards, one person may not know much, but collectively, we know practically everything

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    Well, with books you learn (almost) all the functions C++/C has to offer, it's up to you to use your knowledge and create ideas and such to get what you want to happen. I started programming in Qbasic, taught myself almost everything I know... There I got the basic's of how to create games and other types of programs. I recently started programming in Java and C++ and it makes me sorta happy I started in Qbasic. (I'd be forever lost w/o it... but that's just me)

    Search the web and force yourself through the boring books... If you can take classes in school, do it. (even though most schools are now switching to java, atleast around here) It's hard work, but worth it, IMO.

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    It's hard work, but worth it, IMO.
    I think that's the best thing that's been said on this message board in a long time.

    should i try to learn things other than game programming first or should i just try to find stuff about game programming right away?
    What do you mean 'learn things other than game programming'? Obviously you're going to have to learn a programming language to write computer games. If you're talking about something like learning all of the different searching and sorting methods and stuff, then i'd say technically just as long as you know a programming language you can definitely start making may have to learn concepts as you go along which may include 'other stuff' when you start making games.

    My advice to you is to just start making games and learn all of the associated concepts as you go along...things will make more sense that way and be more useful and you'll be doing what you really want to be doing.

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