Thread: Do most video game programmers program with C?

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    Do most video game programmers program with C?

    I'm a noob to programming as I just started two days ago. Before I start studying a whole bunch of stuff I don't need to, is C probably the best language to learn if I want to program video games? If so, is there any certain kind of C I need to learn, or just C in general?

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    Most games use a combination of C/ASM or C++/ASM.
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    Where can I learn ASM and is it as hard as C?

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    Originally posted by Tride
    Where can I learn ASM and is it as hard as C?
    ASM = Assembler = Machine code instructions

    Assembler code is low level processor instructions, so it is nothing like a high level language like C/C++. Since you're on such a low level you have the power of optimizing your code to make it run faster... or screw it up making it slower . Making bigger programs in ASM is hard but above all takes time (guess why high level languages were invented). has an assembler board, and some links to some nice stuff like tutorials if I remember correctly.

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    C is a good language for games.

    Transition from C to C++ is pretty easy if needed.

    In addition to the others mentioned, programmers sometimes use a scripting language for certain tasks. (AI is a good one, think StarCraft) But the main chunks of code are C/C++

    For games theres a few other languages, but C/C++ are probably the best. C itself provides no gaming tools, but the job of certain APIs is to do that. I reccommend OpenGL for 3D, or SDL for 2D graphics. Both are solid and portable, as well as working in both C/C++
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