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    Okay, I'm a complete newbie to Win32 and OpenGL programming.

    I've done console programming for a while, and I'm quite comfortable with it, and I think it may be time to move on to something more professional.

    I looked into Win32 and OpenGL, and I dont understand most of the that normal for most programmers? Should I proceed anyway?

    And a few questions about APIs:

    1.) What's the easiest API to learn?
    2.) What's the most useful API to learn if I want to evetually become a game programmer?
    3.) Do different game consoles have their own APIs?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Find something about WinAPI that explains hungarian notation. It will help, a bit. Don't learn OpenGL before you learn something else.

    1. SDL and Allegro are easy to learn
    2. OpenGL, DirectX and the WINAPI will all be useful if you want to be a game programmer
    3. Check the site for the consol.

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