Thread: Looking for a programmer to take over an RPG project

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    Looking for a programmer to take over an RPG project

    I'm the designer of a small independent game called Psyscapes, and the current programmer for it (C++) has been unable to complete his task. However, he has completed about half of it, and has agreed to pass along his work to someone else and answer any questions they may have about the source code. Payment for this project will be done by a percentage of the profits after the game is complete, and there will be a contract for this project (sendable through the internet, if you can attach a picture of your signature). Also, you'll be able to work entirely from your home (dialup modems not reccomended).
    Please email with some information about yourself if you're interested. Professional experience is a plus, but the most important thing is how quick and efficient you'll be able to get it done (expectant fans have already been waiting a long time!). I hope to make the selection by the end of this weekend, so you need to email there by Sunday, or Monday (May 5) at the absolute latest. More details will be given to you once your email is received.
    I apologize if this was the wrong place for this post, I don't mean to offend anyone. Anyway, thanks for your time.
    --Josh Cronkhite

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    Could you maybe give us some more info on the project?

    What kind of RPG?
    What API?
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    I found this:

    If it is text based is it console based or using a graphics API ? ie WIN32, OpenGL, DX

    >>However, he has completed about half of it
    Is he experienced? (ie how well comented is his code?, does it compile?, does it run?) Sometimes legacy code is a nightmare.

    Are you all over 18?
    Do you have a publisher?
    How much is the coders percentage of profits?
    Do you have a marketing plan?
    What is the expected expenses per unit? (cost of production and sales)
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