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    2d shooter

    I am trying to make a 2d shooter. The idea is that it will be a sqaire map with ships that can fly about in any direction. What I can't work out is how to make them go in lots of different directons.

    //up left
    ship.y-1 ship.x-1
    doing this I can see how it would be possible to make ships go in 8 directions and I can see how it would be possible to make ships go in 16 directions but what would be a good way of making ships able to travel in all 360 degrees?

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    Use a control that moves the ship forwards/backwards by pressing UP/DOWN, and change the angle it is looking at by pressing LEFT/RIGHT.
    Use trigonometric functions (cos/sin) for the math part.

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    Lightbulb I think this is what you need... =)

    You can try this:

    // Where angle is the ship's rotation angle (0° - 360°)
    ship.x += sin(angle) * ship.speed;
    ship.y += cos(angle) * ship.speed;

    I think that is what you want. Try that and let me know if it worked =).


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    Remember to use floating-points instead of integers as coordinates for your objects. Temporarily convert the coordinates to integers when you draw them.
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    thanx for replies

    This is exacly the info I needed and seams to do the trick thanx

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