Thread: Test my new tetris game

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    Test my new tetris game

    Hey everyone, I just finised a skeleton version of my tetris game, and I need some people to give feedback or comments. Its written in Win32 programming and as of this moment is just set up to see if it works, so don't expect anything fancy. I know that the text is terrible and the next piece is often times off-centered, those will be updated later! I'm only on chapter 8 of Petzold's Windows Programming book, haven't even gotten to child windows or menus yet!

    Use the arrow keys to move, and space to rotate. Any comments welcome!

    Also, I want to know if you like the random color scheme for each level, and if you think the drop speed for each level and scoring is just right. I'm really curious what tetris lovers prefer for level increases. The old nintendo version had 20 levels, and didn't get difficult until level 15 or so. Many comp versions of the game only really have 9 levels, and the pieces drop at infinite speed practically at level 10. Not sure which version people prefer. My game only has 10 speed levels at the moment, and the last one certainly is not impossible, just challenging.

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    Hey, not bad, not bad at all. My main grievance is that in Tetris, when the pieces rotate, they yours, they switch to another one of the four ways a piece can be oriented, but it isn't in the right order on the L and T blocks. _|_ should turn to |- which turns to the first one upside down which turns to -| and then it repeats. Same thing with the L block...make it rotate clockwise You can move the block for a
    *bit* too long after it touches the bottom, that messed me up a few seems a bit slow, but if people like the slow levels, a key to drop it all the way to the bottom instantly might be a nice addition for those who want to play faster. That's all I can think of, nice job.

    PS. I liked the random colors

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    cool, looks good!

    -starting speed is a little slow, maybe have a "Choose skill level" option
    -i think you should scale the play area up. it looks good and plays well but its a little small.

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    Excellent!! Except for the fact that I just got caught playing it at work!

    I like the color changes between levels.

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    I made it to the second level (i think) and the color changed to like DARK shades of blue and purple. YOu may be able to see the dark purples in this shot but i couldnt when i was playing. Make suure only birghts are picked for colours.
    (it should be realized my posts are all in a light hearted manner. And should not be taken offense to.)

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    I just got addicted playing, and the next thing I knew an hour went by. I really think you did a great job, especially for only being on chaper 8. I honestly have never played tetris before, although I have seen it played (who hasn't). I think you just sparked my interest in the game. I now know why it became so popular. Anyways, I liked it and would like to see the finished product, so make sure you post it. Im just learning to, so im sure your code will help me out. Thanks!
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    Thanks for all the ideas guys! Check out the new thread for the latest version of my game!

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