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    Getting Started

    Hi, I have done a search through the forums for a getting started thread but couldn't find one, I was just wondering if anybody could give me like a definitive guide for getting started in games programming using C++, right from the very basics, I have been using C++ for about a year now and would love to give it a go.

    Obviously I am not expecting people to write me a definitive guide, just hoping someone could point me too one.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I would suggest learning SDL first to get accustomed to graphics and such, then move on to OpenGL (thats what I did and am doing). I learned the basics of SDL from here, and I bought "OpenGL Game Programming" to learn OpenGL. I would highly recommend this book. I've been at it for less that 2 weeks and I'm very content with the knowledge I've learned from it so far. Maybe you should just skip SDL and go straight OpenGL, going from 2D thinking to 3D thinking was quite tough at first (for me anyway), but those challenges are the type of things I enjoy. I now look at things and wonder how I could make something in OpenGL look like that.

    Enough babbling...I would recommend that you start on a simple breakout style game, it was my first game (demo actually) and I'm currently making another one in OpenGL, but I plan on making this one a full game.

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    Hmm, well, I would say start out by learning the Windows API (unless you use Linux or something). That way you can make a window appear, and then it is a fairly simple matter to integrate graphics by using the built-in GDI functions, or if you feel brave, you could try tackling DirectX (which also uses the Windows API I believe).
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