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    Names for game

    Im trying to think of names for my game. You've probably already seen it. I'm not really creative in this aspect. I was thinking of either 'The Somatic Forces'. Somatic has to do with 'body' and there will be an upgrade system where the hull (body) of your spaceship changes through experience gained. The other idea I had was 'stuka' (stooka) which was like a german dive bomber in world war ii (also called the junkers(yunkers)?)

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    whats your game?

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    In case it is your first game, call it Game#1.

    To be more original, call it Game#1random[1000]random[a..z] (e.g. Game#1 655c).

    However, if you're smarter, call it Duke3D or Quake, so you already have all marketing done :).

    Hope I helped you a lot!

    Now come on, you who managed to finish a game project have no ideas for a really intuitive name?

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    hmmm... i dont know what ur games about but il give u some names, The Crazy Canadian Army or.... The Great Alarm or.... The Bad Game Cus The Creator Couldnt Come Up With A Name On HIs Own .... oh thats a good one.....
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