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    Lightbulb Current project, suggestions?

    I'm making a "Breakout" type game in OpenGL, and I'm looking for ideas for the game. It is in a very primitive state currently, but its "workable". The collision is buggy sometimes, I'm going to refine that. Ack, and another thing, my system is a 1.6 and I haven't made it time based yet, so depending on your system it will run fast/slow. The readme has other details in it.

    Input would be GREATLY appreciated.

    "The best way to get answers is to just keep working the problem, recognizing when you are stalled, and directing the search pattern.....Donít just wait for The Right Thing to strike you Ė try everything you think might even be in the right direction, so you can collect clues about the nature of the problem."
    -John Carmack

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    Here's a screeny:

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    I would just like to say that time based movement really isn't all that hard. I suggest first of all that you implement that so it runs the same on every system. I'll show you how I'd do it if you want.

    With any OpenGL project people would like to really tell things are 3 dimensional. If you can change the view somehow so you don't just see head on, but rather you can see depth, that would be extremely nice. Textured blocks would be nice, perhaps have cubes instead of blocks so that they can be rotating about the Y axis (or Z, whatever is your UP vector). I don't know how that would look (probably bad actuallY) but just something to look into.

    Umm, if I think of anything i'd personally like to see in an OpenGL version of break out I'll tell ya!

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    looks pretty good.

    the lines comming off the ball look a little funny and i would like to see some keyboard input support.

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    Yeah, I know how to implement time based movement, just haven't gotten around to it yet. You can switch the view to ball follow view by pressing 'd', although this is just for debug. I'm planning on allowing the user to pause and then move the camera around, kinda like in the N64 game smash bros. The lines coming off are for debug purposes, they are the 8 collision points so far.

    Powerups I'm prolly gonna add include:
    -some sorta machine gun, that sprays bullets for a short time in a wide spread, taking off one health level per hit.
    -a rocket, taking out a medium sized group of blocks.
    -multi balls
    -larger/smaller paddle
    -Possible but doubtfull multi paddle
    -laser to shoot through a whole column of blocks
    -Ghost ball, ball goes transparent and cannot collide with blocks, but when it hits top, it turns normal (this may be too strong)

    I'm thinking about boss levels too...

    Thanks for the input,


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