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    Lightbulb Game Programming? Questions!

    Hi there!

    I wanted to know which programming language I should use
    to start game programming. I tried a little Java but someone
    told me I should better go back to C/C++ for game programming.
    Is that true? If so, would you prefer C or C++ to program games?

    I know that I can't start and code something like Quake...

    I'd like to program a PONG clone... or something like this.

    But I don't know which library I should use!

    - DirectX ?
    - OpenGL ?
    - SDL ?
    - Allegro ?

    Can anyone help me or just gimme a hint which one I should use?

    Or did you at last say "forget C and C++ and go back to Java"?

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    There really is no "best" API. I definitely say stick with C/C++ for games, though, as opposed to Java.

    Since you're talking about a 2D Pong clone and you're new to C/C++ you'd be better off using either SDL or Allegro. I don't have experience with either API but the guys here who use them, swear by them (both for ease of use and smooth learning curves).

    Check the stick thread from RoD that is full of links you'll find useful. RoD's thread

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    Thanks for your reply!

    @ all :
    Someone told me to start with Allegro or SDL, too. I think that is
    what I am going to do now. But which one should I choose?

    And, on the other hand: Can I use MSVC++6 or should I better
    use something like DJGPP? And: Should I use plain C or better C++?

    Questions en masse... Sorry But I don't want to try too many things out.

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    Im still learning c and c++ but i found it quite easy to get into OpenGL and get some nice (ish) looking stuff going. So id suggest starting out with that.

    C or C++ is fine, but i spose in terms of use in the industry, most use C++.

    And Vis Studio is king, use that

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    I just started programming in C about eight months ago, and in C+ about four. I am now using DirectX 7.0 and I really enjoy it. It is hard to get the hang of, but after a few times reading the same book it seems to sink in. I almost have my first tile graphics engine complete and things seem to be getting easier. There is lots of good books and info on the web about it also, so I would have to recommend it to others. I heard Allegro was great for games and easy to use, but I have never used it so I can't say. I think DirectX would be the way to go, since it is used so much in the gaming industry, so I imagine what you learn you will be able to apply to future projects.

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    SDL is borderline ridiculously easy to use, but after you get by the basic stuff...well, there isn't anything else. It's easy, but not overly powerful, so eventually you'll have to learn something else.

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    I reccomend opengl (of course) as the graphics API, and Direct Input should u need user interaction. For more information about OpenGL please refer to the above link to my thread, or refer to our OpenGL tutorials (not all uploaded, were working on getting them up/finished).

    Should you encounter any speed bumps with OpenGL (if you use it) feel free to contact me at

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    Thanks @ everyone for posting a reply!

    I am going to learn a little SDL to get practice in the idea of
    game programming and after I've played a little bit around
    with it, I think I move to OpenGL to program better games!

    But at first I should get more skilled in C++... C won't do it, I guess...

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