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    Hey, i just finished with the tutorials. I understand most of the things that are explained in them. I was just wondering where would the best place to go for more tutorials that are mabye a little more advanced. I am wanting to go into game programming, but i know how that will take a long time. Please if you can help It would be greatly appreciated
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    I would recomend C++ in 21 days third editon

    If that link does not work try the Programming FAQ It has link to the second edition of C++ in days
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    For getting into game programming, i would reccomend

    OpenGL Programming Guide aka OpenGL Redbook

    I can be found online as an Ebook, it can be downloaded from in the large.pdf download, and it can be bought for 50 bucks.

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    Unhappy OpenGL :/

    I don't wanna learn OpenGL i wanna learn DOS game programming..

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    If you want to learn DOS game programming than you will have to find some junkyard where they have a computer with Win9X on it. You might be able to do some DOS programming on that. I would recommend TC LITE athough they stopped selling it a few years ago.

    If you are talking about Win32 console than that is another story. What operating system are you using?
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