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    Here's a simple boucning ball program I made. To avoid making it totally boring, I added a nifty feature that allowes you to increase the speed/height of the bounce while it's actually bouncing. Good stuff. Don't forget the allegro file too .

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    Good job man, keep up the coding and never stop learning. I'll be actually doing some OpenGL stuff soon but between high school, life, and college coming up i havent had much time or ability to concentrate.

    Good job.

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    Gosh man you guys are good. I just started programming and am way behind you guys... WAY! Graphics is completely beyond me. I can only wait till i can do some fo this stuff

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    Uh, don't bump old threads.
    Well, there are a few things wrong with your code:

    1) It does not work.
    2) It does not work.
    3) It does not work.

    Hope this helps.

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