Thread: OpenGL terrain demo (EDITOR)

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    OpenGL terrain demo (EDITOR)

    This is the editor I'm writing for my terrain engine.

    Unfortunatly the editor is all OpenGL, as when it comes to making applications with buttons and menus etc. etc. my experiance hits a sudden jolted end with visual basic

    Infact, its becuase of that, that I am looking for a collabarator to join me in my openGL terrain project. Specifically to help me with making a suitable editor. Then if we get along well perhaps will be asked to work on other aspects of the terrain.

    How it works-
    -A new flat terrain is created
    -two toggle-able views a free roaming first person like view
    and a more restricted top down view (with adjustable x-axis rotation and up/down movement)
    -incline / decline vertex beneath 3d cursor.
    -2d cursor for soon to be implimented gui
    -4 ellevation height texture support.
    -- soon:
    -plant systems
    -rain/snow stuff
    -day/night system
    this is my world/level editor to support my first terrain engine, so as you can guess its pretty primitive.

    heres the screen shot :
    The top left image is before the smooth method is called after editing some of the vertices. the smooth function can be called at any time by pressing 2.
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    Again goten that looks really nice. It looks very professional and I like it a lot, keep up the good work dOOd! . This is somewhat off topic, but instead of creating your own editor would you be interested in learning how to utilize other map editors? It's just that I am in the process of writing a loader (well, it's a compiler really, and I haven't touched it in two months due to my OTHER project) of files from the Hammer editor from Half Life (aka Worldcraft ). If you've already writen one or aren't interested I'll let it rest, otherwise I have an interesting pdf file that explains all of the math concepts to get it working (3 plane intersections to derive vertex list, how to perform constructive solid geometry, how to calculate texture scales, etc etc).

    I hope we aren't on bad terms since the last post about frustum culling.
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    sounds like an interesting project. i would volunteer but finals start in a week or so and my time will be very limited. after that i have a project in the works i plan on finishing. srry

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