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    D3DX Sprite class tutorial

    I've searched and searched and searched for a D3DXSprite tutorial, and they all either suck, or want you to use their wrapper. I found a so-so tutorial on Gamasutra, but they want you to use their wrapper as well. Thing is, I want to learn D3DXSprite. There are a lot of people that are happy with it, but they'll never post any links of where they learned it. The SDK has hardly any information on it either.

    Do not post a google link, because I already searched through google and MSN searches.

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    What are you having problems with in particular? Or just using it in general? I can write up a quick little tutorial on it if that'd help.

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    My directX worm game relies extensively on ID3DXSprite class. Get the source and view how I used the sprites. Maybe that will help.
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    Here is something I wrote really quick. There isn't a lot of comments in it. If you need some clarification I will surely supply it. Hopefully this will give you an idea of at least how to use it.
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    thx a lot, I found it really helpful.

    You might want to think of posting that code somewhere. I think it's very easy to understand.

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    Woah, thanks a lot. I didn't even think it would be that readable. I just threw it together when i heard you say "tutorial" so I figured I would help out since I've been there before. Well let me know if you have any problems.

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